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Thank you for your interest and taking the time to check out our newest "Pay as You Go" 2023 CSA option. This new option is aimed at offering you the customer much more flexibility and convenience while we go through our transition. As well as it is still focused on helping you save money on your overall food costs over the season. Please take your time and carefully read through all the steps below and make note of any questions you may have of us. 

  • You do not have to pay our usual 16-week member cost of $400. Chose as little as $20 (minimum) or whatever suitable total you’d like to load onto your gift card voucher.

  • Save money upfront on your food by using our limited time, members only code, and receive 15% off any amount of $20 or more (Keep in mind, we do not usually offer discounts such as this at our stand)

  • Even if we are already offering a farm stand promo (e.g. buy one get one ½ off, or free) you can still use your member gift card on top of your total purchase of items.

  • Literally use it on ANYTHING at our farm stand including off farm items such as honey, Ben’s Bees Wax Candles and more.

  • Buy what YOU WANT. Unlike last year’s CSA, you don’t have to take home something you and your family might not eat. Or perhaps you want to double up on something else you didn’t get much of last year (Please note* all items are sold on a first come, first served bases until sold out).

  • Your gift card code also DOES NOT EXPIRE! Don’t worry if you don’t get a chance to use up your total amount from this year, just save it and use it next year!

  •  Shop when you want to shop! There’s no set day you have use your gift card voucher by and there’s no limits as to how much you need to spend weekly or daily.

  • Be sustainable and reduce plastic gift card waste! This gift card/voucher is purchased electronically online through our trusted Square payment link. Upon buying your gift card, just input your email address to directly receive your own unique gift card code. When you come to the stand, make sure you display your gift card code via electronically through your phone, or printed out upon cashing out your purchases.

  • Check your remaining balance anytime online!

  • *BONUS FOR 2022 MEMBERS*: As known and trusted members, feel free to have special access to use our driveway for an easier in and out access upon your farm stand visits.


1) Visit our Square payment system site here at (this is also where you can check your balance through the top menu navigation)

2) Choose your gift card amount from our prepopulated options, or by inputting a custom amount of your choice

3) Under the amount section, click “Add Promo Code” to put in our limited time offer member code MEMBER2023 to receive 15% off your total cost (valid only until March 31st)

4) Under the “Send to One Recipient” section type in your name and the email address that you want to receive your gift card code to

5) Feel free to purchase whatever quantity of gift cards you desire, or even purchase for other friends or family while we are offering our promo code

6) We recommend selecting “Send Instantly” if purchasing for yourself, but you also have the option to “Send on A Future Date” if you would like to purchase for someone else as a gift (therefore that is why there is also an optional “From” section)

7) Click “Continue” to proceed with payment details and options

8) Once payment is processed check your email for your gift card code (remember to also check your junk and spam email folders)

9) Next, bring your emailed gift card code with you either printed or digitally to be processed at check-out.

10) Enjoy all your amazing local, discounted goodies!

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